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When projects are being challenged, Intelectron has engineering answers

Intelectron is a early stage company which provides a flexible robot that is able to maneuver around obstacles in complex or dangerous manufacturing operations. Our robot can get into places and do things that, conventional robots and people cannot reach.

For the aerospace industry we solve a critical problem and can reduce costs, manufacturing assembly time and improve on the job safety.
For a typical customer in the aerospace industry, this can save them millions of dollars annually.

For challenges in

  • Aviation manufacturing or maintenance;
  • Health care and medicine;
  • Oil & gas;
  • Military and defense;

While dealing with

  • Higher precision and repeatable tasks;
  • Quality uncertainty;
  • Risks of labor injuries, liability and absence;
  • Union or regulatory work restrictions;

There is always an answer in Snake Robotics that will lead to

  • Lower cycle times;
  • Reduce labor related risks;
  • Increase productivity by automation;
  • Comply to union or regulatory;
  • Increase precision;
  • Reduce workers hazard exposure;
  • Improve overall safety;


Simulation capability to optimize production process


Capacity use (5% downtime for maintenance)


Reduction in labor cost


Injuries nor mortality

95% of productivity boost by leveraging snake robots for automation and hazard reduction.

airplane105 (1)

Aviation manufacturing

Internal wing sealant application, fastener insertion, collar installation, aircraft inspection and extraction of foreign object (FO)

Residual fuel withdraw turbine inspection aircraft surface sanding

weapon27 (1)


Confined space
Dangerous operation
Nuclear fuel manipulation

medical109 (1)


Minimium invase surgery
Active endoscopie
Biopsy extraction


oil16 (1)

Oil & Gas

Structural material inspection in reservoir tank under-sea petroleum sources prospection

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